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Qu'est-ce qu'un village d'accueil?

It is a network of accommodations in family guest houses. This network of lodging in local families began in Quebec around 1970 and is intended for visitors out of Quebec, travelling in groups witch are accommodated for one or two nights in host families, in order for them to get a privileged contact...

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Hébergement ville de Québec, Côte de Beaupré, Ile d'Orléans

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Village information
Host town name : Hébergement ville de Québec, Côte de Beaupré, Ile d'Orléans
Contact : Martine Ricard

Adress : 6074 avenue royale, L'Ange-Gardien, G0A 2K0

Phone : ( 418 ) 809-4323
Email : martinericard@hotmail.ca
Website : www.quebecgites.ca
Facebook : www.facebook.com/familleshotes/

Welcome to the family

Hébergement ville de Québec, Côte de Beaupré, Ile d'Orléans is a network of lodging which makes it possible for tourists to be received in private homes for one night by a family. Holder of a Tourism Quebec license, Village d'accueil offers the visitors a dinner, overnight accommodations and breakfast with the family as well as a welcoming on arrival, entertainment for the group in the evening and a farewell before departure. Hébergement ville de Québec, Côte de Beaupré, Ile d'Orléans was born, thanks to people who believed in the concept of unfolding the history and true life of the local inhabitants to their visitors, but also to contribute to the tourism of Québec and Côte-de-Beaupré. The geographical site is along more than 55 km of the St-Lawrence River, the richness of the historical and cultural attractions as well as the quality of life are appealing factors for tourists. The success of this network of lodging is based on the involvement and support of all the locals, but it's especially the families with their great spirit of welcoming, warmness, simplicity, organizational skills, flexibility and in particular their love of people who make these moments an experience so much more enriching from the human point of view.

Being the only network of family lodging in the east area of the city of Quebec, Village d'Accueil organizes a personalized welcoming for individual visitors and groups of any ages from here or elsewhere. The network lodging families have established a very competitive all inclusive price which includes the welcoming, dinner, overnight accommodations and breakfast. Also, in the evening there is a Fete au village in which can be gathered up to 150 tourists.

A stay in the heart of the village, that's what Hébergement ville de Québec, Côte de Beaupré, Ile d'Orléans proposes to travelers eager for meeting and exchanging with other people. The conditions under which these stays take place make them special guests. Sharing the life of the local inhabitants, they are invited to discover our traditions, customs and history but also our daily activities. Also, on certain evenings, the entire village comes together for one of those special parties full of music, songs and dances which give the rhythm to life. It is an amazing human adventure that the host families are inviting you to. It's the opportunity to immerse in the moment and to discover another manner of living. To simply take the time to meet with others and talk without forcing it or trying to rush into it. To share simple but privileged moments: like a smile, a talk, giving helping hand, or just a visit.

Welcome to our home!

Services available
Yes      No
Official welcome
Civic reception
Quebec folk dancing or animated family evening
Dinner, overnight stay, breakfast
Accompanied departure
Free tourism documentation
Host family and tourist twinning
Activity and Attractions
Fit stay in a Bed and breakfast
Lodging capacities
# of host families : variable
# of rooms : Depending of your needs

Room details :

All types of beds
Double ou queen beds
Twin beds
Simple beds

Wth or without a private bathroom
With fireplace, balcony or/and private terrace

Availability :
Year round
Spoken languages
Yes      No
Others : Spanish, German, Greek
Price (cost)
Group : Available upon request
FIT : Available upon request

Interdependent and humanistic travel

Hébergement ville de Québec, Côte de Beaupré, Ile d'Orléans receives travelers who place meeting people and exchanging ideas as a top priority of their trip. Selected for the quality of their welcoming, these host families are involved in the organization of tourists activities. The stays fall under the principles of equitable, interdependent and durable tourism allowing to meet, discover and understand each other, a human adventure considered to be exceptional by all those who have experienced it. To make tourism a lever for the development of the area and to offer to our travelers an insight into the life of the inhabitants from here, that is the double objective of our association. Our concept of interdependent and equitable tourism is based on the idea that our host families can lodge from one to six people, who during fifteen hours or more according to the fixed price, will live at the rhythm with the inhabitants. It's the villagers themselves which, by means of collective organization and management, ensure the welcoming, meals, overnight accommodations, and entertainment. We want to promote a more respectful development of our history, culture and resources. It's in that set of mind that Hébergement ville de Québec, Côte de Beaupré, Ile d'Orléans is built, based on a network made up of travelers coming from all over the world.

A collective organization which engages and takes responsibility for the community.

Village d'accueil organizes and presents activities of exchanges and meetings which focuse on culture, traditions, cultural heritage and village history in a spirit of open-mindedness and sharing with others and the concern for sustainable development of our land.

A tourist welcoming and an accompaniment of quality.

Host families assure travelers that the conditions of their stay guarantees their health and safety. HTFCB ensures a rigorous management of the guest accommodations of the families, and recruit partners motivated and available for the development of Village d'accueil. They guide the travelers in the discovery of our culture and environment in giving them the necessary information so they can learn more about our fundamental values and beliefs.

Real exchanges between travelers and the community.

Village d'accueil answers the expectations of the travelers to discover realities of life of the inhabitants and their land; we facilitate a maximum of quality exchanges and meetings between the travelers and the villagers and also take any initiatives or opportunities to achieve this goal.

All-inclusive price host families

Where to lodge on Côte-de-Beaupré: Pack your bags, we are visiting the relatives!

A family from here with the same roots as you is waiting for you.

After having carried your luggage to your room, we meet in the living room for a little chat. Are you hungry? It's time for dinner, where a typically Québécois meal is being served to you. What could be better after a good meal than to go and have fun in the village! Musicians and host families are ready to go out and have fun or as they enjoy saying, "aller veiller". After the evening entertainment, you will return to your host's home for good nights sleep. The next morning, it is a breakfast worthy of the traditions of Quebec which "fill up the tank" with energy.

"Our devotion towards the special welcoming of our guests gives us great pride; their satisfaction is our greatest accomplishment."

Customer comments
  • "Nous voila de retour chez nous apres un merveilleux voyage dans votre immense pays plein de couleurs et surtout plein de chaleur humaine. Notre passage dans votre village d'accueil restera parmi les meilleurs souvenirs. C'était trop court et nous aurions aimé faire plus ample connaissance avec vous. La soirée de fete au village fut une merveille d'amitiés franco canadienne. Je vous envoie une photo prise ensemble. Nous vous embrassons et vous adressons nos plus sinceres amitiés."
    Daniel et Ghislaine Bouladou
  • "Bonjour, j'ai participé au groupe de Belges qui ont eu la grande chance d'etre accueillis par les familles de votre organisation en septembre dernier.
    Ce fut pour chacun de nous une expérience extraordinaire qui restera gravée dans nos mémoires. Encore un grand merci pour votre enthousiasme et votre accueil si chaleureux. Amicalement."
    Jean-Jacques de Bruxelles.
  • "Un petit bonjour de Viroflay et merci encore pour votre gentillesse et la chaleur de votre accueil.
    C'est une étape de notre voyage que nous ne sommes pas prets d'oublier
    Avec nos pensées les plus amicales "
    Thérese et Serge
  • "Voila une semaine, nous quittions le Québec ! Le voyage de retour s'est bien passé, avec plein de beaux souvenirs dans la tete, dont la soirée passée avec vous.
    Je viens vous remercier, de Belgique, pour le chaleureux accueil que vous nous avez réservé, le tres bon repas que vous nous avez servi et aussi la soirée inattendue et bien agréable a laquelle nous avons assisté grâce a votre groupe. Ce fut un moment fort de notre voyage !! Je vous souhaite beaucoup de visiteurs sympathiques, une < bonne continuation > (comme on dit chez nous) et je vous envoie bien des amitiés,"
    Claudine de MELIN
  • "Chers "cousins" nous voici rentré chez nous, et avec beaucoup de tristesse car votre accueil nous a profondément touché. On pense a vous a chaque instant, si ce n'était pas cette grande distance qui nous sépare, on viendrait vous voir plus souvent. Si par contre ça vous dit de venir, c'est avec un immense plaisir que nous vous recevrions. Nous avons de la place pour ça. Comme les québécois sont gentils et chaleureux !! on ne vous oubliera jamais... Bien le bonjour a Martine; espérant que sont ventre s'arrondi bien !! On attend de vos nouvelles.
    Brigitte et Robert de Sauvian
  • "Salutations chaleureuses de vos invités d'un soir.
    Allons propager vos danses folkloriques dans nos soirées
    Merci pour tout ."
    André et Marie-édith de Paris
  • "Chers cousins, le voyage est maintenant terminé et j'ai repris le travail mais je garderai un tres bon souvenir du Québec, de ses espaces grandioses, de ses forets profondes , de ses rivieres tumultueuses et de ses habitants si chaleureux.
    Je vous remercie de votre accueil et je souhaite longue vie a votre association de familles-hôtes bien sympathique. "
  • "Chers amis nous pensons tres fort a vous et a votre chaleureux accueil que vous nous avez témoigné lors de notre passage dans votre MAGNIFIQUE pays...! je vous joint cette superbe photo en souvenir de notre visite. Mon petit fils (6ans) me parle sans arret du Canada... c'est beau mami qu'il me demande...oh oui que c'est tres beau lui dis-je.
    Gros bisous de nous 2. "
    Brigitte et Robert
Village map
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